Anxiety, Fears and Phobias – Hypnotherapy

Anxiety, Fears and Phobias have escalated in numbers during the current COVID pandemic. Many people are struggling with these issues and don’t really have the tools to help deal with it in a healthy manner. Now more then ever people are starting to bring more attention to the mental health issues which are pretty much connected to anxiety, fears and phobias.

In 2017 an estimated 284 million people experienced an anxiety disorder which made it the most prevelant mental health disorder in the world. Around 63% were women and 37% were men. In 2018 anxiety increased to 5% and in 2020 it has increased to higher numbers and still rising. The suicide rate has also greatly increased both in adults and adolescents.

There are many ways to help you deal with anxiety, fears and phobias. Some ways that can help are :

  • Meditation (helps to bring you to a calm and relaxed state of mind)
  • Exercises (walks, go out in nature, swim, ride a bike, etc)
  • Breath Work (deep breathes – inhale and exhale and focus on the breath)
  • Eat Healthier and Fresh Foods (live foods to help give you energy and ground you. Root vegetables can help.)
  • Hypnotherapy (provide calmness, relaxation and clarity regarding the core issue behind the anxiety or fear)

Also, grounding is a powerful tool to help provide relaxation and bring you to a state of calmness during an episode of anxiety, fear or phobia. One great movie that I recommend that scientifically explains grounding is called “The Earthing”. This movie breaks it all down from how your body reacts chemically during anxiety or fear and what happens when it gets to a clam state. It’s truly very insightful.

Just know that you are in control of your body. Mastering the connection from your mind to body can really help you control your anxiety, fear and phobias. It is truly mastering your thought process and controlling how your mind connects to your body. You have the power to do this, you just need the tools. 🙂

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts during this time please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800)273-8255. There is always someone waiting to listen and help you through whatever you are going through. Just know that you are deserving and worthy and you are loved.

If this service resonates with you regarding hypnotherapy for anxiety, fears, and phobias, I would be happy to help you get started!

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