Childbirth Hypnosis

Childbirth Hypnosis is a service that I offer that I truly enjoy and feel it is so rewarding! It is truly a joyful and beautiful service of empowerment and true joy and love for the client, which in this case is the mother-to-be. Some of the mothers that I helped had alot of anxiety, fear, doubt, or confusion about the labor process. I recommend 6 -10 sessions to work through these emotions and provide guidance in empowering the mother with powerful tools and recordings to help through the labor process, pain management, and relaxation and connection with the baby in the womb.

The hypnotherapy process starts as follows:

  • Intake: Discuss the childbirth process and any current emotions
  • Induction: The body and mind are at a relaxed state (Hypnosis)
  • De-Hypnotized: The body and mind come out of the relaxed state
  • Reflection: Talk about the experience
  • Processing: Talk about any emotions that come up due to the session (This could be felt after the session while we talk or after the session in your own space.)

During the intake process we discuss nutrition, exercise, the due date of birth, and recordings. Nutrition is important to help the development of the baby and to strengthen the body for labor. Exercise is important to help open the pelvic muscles so when it is time for labor it can easily and smoothly open for birth. I highly recommend prenatal yoga which helps the body stretch and open up for the day of labor and also helps the mother with discomfort during sleep and energy. We talk about the communication that you need to share with your doctor and nurses at the day of labor. It is important that everyone knows you are using hypnotherapy to help with the labor process. Mothers are usually very calm when doing hypnotherapy so letting the nurses know will prevent them from worrying and wondering why the mother is not freaking out or crying and screaming. It helps set the tone in the room.

A list of the 4 recordings that are provided to help the mother prepare for labor are as follows:

  • Relaxation and Visualization (See and feel the baby in the womb, see your labor process in a calm state, and see yourself post birth balancing life and the baby in a positive way.)
  • Pain Management (Help to use your mind to control pain.)
  • Glove Anesthesia (Great tool to help the mind numb parts of the body when in labor.)
  • Labor Due Date (This recording is ONLY used in the day of labor to help guide the mother through the process in a calm and relaxed state and help the labor process speed up and go smoothly using visualization. In other words, it helps connect the body and mind so they work well together.)

I consider this service of Childbirth Hypnosis very sacred and well respected! I believe that a child chooses their mother and if that is the case then that means the mother is strong enough to handle the beautiful gift that she is about to embrace into her life path and share her love, time and energy with the new baby. The mother and baby now become a team and they learn to work together. It’s a beautiful relationship!

If this service resonates with you and you would like to try a natural alternative to help with your childbirth process please go to the appointment page and set a date and time that works for you and I would be happy to get you started in this beautiful process of childbirth.

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