Improve Memory – Hypnotherapy

How can hypnotherapy improve your memory?

Hypnotherapy can help open the gateways of the mind if you need to remember or retain information.

If you are a student and need help retaining the material you are reading from school books or help you prepare for an exam hypnotherapy can help. If you are an elder and need some help with improving or strengthening your memory hypnotherapy can be a great source. If you are someone that has a demanding job and need to memorize or organize your thoughts for a presentation, a high position in which you train others or simply remember material for your job then hypnotherapy would be a great choice.

If you have dementia or Alzheimer or any brain degenerative issues then hypnotherapy might not be a good modality. You would need to talk with your doctor first to see if hypnotherapy is a good choice.

Once you decide to move forward with hypnotherapy as a modality of improvement the process goes as follows:

  • Intake (Talk about the issue)
  • Induction (Body and mind are relaxed – hypnosis)
  • Go into the subconscious mind (start the subluminal programming language)
  • De-Hypnotized (Come out of the relaxed state)
  • Reflect (Talk about the experience)
  • Process (Release or let go of any emotional build up if any)

Some memory issues are due to stress and sometimes finding the core issue of the stress can help clear the mind and help the memory process. Good nutrition can also help the memory and exercising can provide the mind more oxygen to help provide clear memory. One powerful way to help the mind is the practice of meditation. If you don’t know how to meditate and would like some guidance I also offer a one hour service to teach you how to meditate. Implementing this powerful tool to your overall life can help provide you with more clarity and truly empower you as an individual in all areas of your life.

If this service resonates with you regarding hypnotherapy to improve memory, I would be happy to help you get started!

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