Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy is one of my personal favorites services to offer my clients. You may ask what is Past Life Regress mean?! Well to answer that question in the easiest way possible I would simply say that it is pretty much regressing the client to a past life that was not related to their current life. Such as a life in Egypt during the lifetime of Pharaoh or back in the First World War or even a life time in another planet or galaxy.

Some people don’t believe in past lives and some do. During some hypnotherapy sessions I have done the subconscious mind has brought up information that was not related to this current lifetime and the person gets a bit confused because they don’t recall that happening in this lifetime. I usually tell them that is their subconscious mind using their imagination to help lead them to a specific issue so they can resolve it and if using an image that is not within this lifetime then it will do so. The key here is imagination!

The process in which a session is done is as follows:

  • Intake: take the necessary information regarding the issue you are coming in or the reasoning behind why you wish to do a Past Life Regression
  • Induction: help the body and mind go into a relaxed state and go to the Past Life
  • De-Hypnotize: come out of the relaxed state of mind
  • Reflect: take a moment to talk about the experience
  • Process: have thoughts and feelings or emotions regarding the experience either during the session or after the session

Many clients during their session have experienced a lifetime as another being such as an alien, an animal, a light being, or a person in the past. I always tell the client that there is a message in the experience. That message is usually what the client needs to have more clarity and awareness from the issue they came in for in the first place. The key is to just flow with the process so the client can get what they need to release what is holding them back. This is the most important part! We allow the subconscious mind to use the imagination to help guide us to provide the answers the client needs to move forward in their current life.

I, as a Hypnotherapist, help guide you through the whole process in a safe and comfortable way. The journey in the session is in your own perception.

I do personally believe in past lives but I am also very non-judgmental and compassionate in what you believe in. The goal is to hold a safe space for you so you can leave with some clarity on your current life path and to empower you!

If this service resonates with you please go to the appointment page and pick a day and time that works best for you and I would be happy to help you get started.

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