Rosalie D.

I did my first introspective hypnosis session with Sabrina a week ago, and I’ve spent much of the past week trying to formulate the words to express how life changing it was. Having never been hypnotized before, I had the natural fears of, will this even work for me? Well I shouldn’t have worried. Sabrina’s soothing voice put me right at ease, and before I knew it, I was learning the answers to questions that have plagued me all of my adult life. I also received reassurance from my higher self that an upcoming medical procedure would turn out fine (and it did). I was beyond blown away with the level of expertise and just plain caring that Sabrina brought to the table. I could not recommend her highly enough. I’d give her 100 stars if I could! If you are considering introspective hypnosis, you are in very skilled hands with Sabrina. Much love and light.


Sabrina did such a wonderful job navigating me through my very first hypnosis session! She really goes above and beyond and makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend!

Hannah F.

I had the most wonderful IH session with Sabrina this week. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I got much more than I could have imagined. I ended up visiting two different experiences from childhood that I have done a tremendous amount of healing on throughout my life- I had thought I had healed through them long ago, but there was MORE! I feel like through this process with Sabrina I really got to the heart of the pain and healed it in the deepest way, and for that I am so very grateful.

Sabrina was very kind, professional, comfortable, and easy to talk to and connect with which made it was easy for me to be raw and vulnerable during my session and know that I was being held in a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental, and loving space where healing could occur… and she helped me get resolution with some other people in my life I had been holding challenged energy with for decades… I feel so much lighter now, and so look forward to seeing how this healing continues to affect my life for the better as time goes on.

I give Sabrina my highest recommendation, and genuinely hope that you all have a chance to have a session with her- I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t benefit from this work, even if you feel you have healed everything!

Thank you Sabrina, from the bottom of my heart! I am so very grateful. xoxo Hannah

Su S.

From the first moment on i felt good vibes between us, which is most important for me. If someone doesn’t resonate with me, we are done.;) Sabrina is so nice and focused and i absolutely relaxed immediately. I loved the induction part, it was interesting and pleasant. I had little resentment in advance days before, cause opening up old known and unknown wounds or memories is never easy. But it was something I felt is needed on my path of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Sabrina was patient with me and i felt so safe and comforted. She conducted the session with love and compassion. 1st memory was from me being 4 years old, the 2nd 8 years old and the 3rd 19 years old. And they came up unexpectedly. The highlight of the session was me meeting a funny being called Matkahel, who answered my questions.


Sabrina was a true joy to work with- professional, compassionate, and very easy to talk to. The session itself was very powerful, and I was able to release a lot of trapped negative emotions and receive valuable guidance from my Higher Self. I highly recommend her as a practitioner if you are looking to do some deep healing and clearing work.

Lynette R.

In my session with Sabrina Romero, I received clarity and guidance around my finances, relationships and my life’s work. I was encouraged to connect with my star and indigenous family. My heart is at peace and I feel more prepared to confidently take the next steps in life.

Katie L.

I am honored to write a glowing recommendation for Sabrina. She has most definitely found her place and purpose providing this incredible type of service to others. She specializes in introspective hypnosis and has both a natural authenticity and inquisitive intuition that enhance exploration and reaching new depths of healing (that I have yet to experience in my own self-exploration). Her attentiveness and clear, compassionate guidance provided a comfort that felt so familiar and calming to me, especially when facing some shadows I wasn’t aware even existed. I cannot share enough wonderful things about Sabrina, or at least not in words. And I know in my highest of hearts that her light will continue to blossom as well as for those who have the opportunity to work with her. Thank you, Sabrina, for holding such a loving space and sharing a gift that has continued to give quantum-fold!

Jen F.

I had an amazing session with Sabrina. I experienced an immediate shift, what was really bothering me before the session had little to no effect on me at all afterwards. I felt the healing was deep and profound, and the experience was very pleasurable. I felt completely relaxed and comfortable in her care, it was effortless and easy. I highly recommend Sabrina!

Nina M.

I am so glad I contacted Sabrina

We had an online session, she made me feel very comfortable about going under hypnosis and has a very kind, accepting and warm energy. We clicked instantly which really helped ease me into the session. I experienced a few memories some of which were a complete surprise, I managed to process and release some experiences that I had no idea I still had trauma and emotion connected to. At the end of the session my higher self was brought fourth and connected all of the past memories I experienced to situations in my current life situations which tied in the session beautifully, and I was able to release emotion I had no idea I was still holding onto which felt incredibly healing! Sabrina has a wonderful way of relaying peoples perspectives!

I highly recommend Sabrina and her introspective hypnosis sessions and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Thank you and much love xxx

Agnieszka F.

As a fellow quantum healing Hypnosis technique practitioner, I responded to Sabrina’s inquiry to swap sessions online. We worked with each other online and we had such an amazing exchange! I was given information about a book I’m in the process of writing and a session helped me prioritize my efforts. As a result I became acutely aware of what needs to happen in my life and I am already taking actions to make this vision become my reality. I absolutely recommend Sabrina!

With gratitude,


Natalia R.

Hi Sabrina, thank you for checking on me. I’ve been feeling very well and serene, I definitely feel a shift on my ability to stay present and enjoy the moment.

I feel very grateful for you! I feel like you facilitated for me to find the way to where I needed to go to heal very important wounds and trauma.

Thank you for guiding me, for helping me to feel safe enough to be able to go into such a deep and meaningful work. You helped me to find the peace and clarity that I was so looking for, and that for me is priceless.

You’re amazing, thank you from the bottom of my heart.