Transformation Program

I am super excited to introduce the Transformation Program I have created for my clients! 🙂 If you are ready for a big change and ready to level it up then keep reading.

This program is for someone who is sick and tired of being stuck in their old patterns and is ready to change things up in their lives and bring in the happiness and peace they so yearned to have. If you are ready to do the deep inner work and tap into the emotional, psychosomatic issues, and/or spiritual/heart felt issues then this is the program for you.

The following is included in this program:

  1. 8 Hypnotherapy sessions for 2 months (2 hours each) – We will be working on clearing emotional blockages and creating awareness to bring about empowerment of oneself.
  2. Implement a Meditation practice per individuals needs (If you don’t know how to meditate I will be happy to teach you.)
  3. Personalized, customized hypnotic programming recordings as needed per client
  4. Journaling/Reflection tools
  5. Direct access to the hypnotherapist via text/phone regarding questions or concerns throughout the 2 month program
  6. Reiki Energy Healing implemented where needed to assist in emotional blocks within the body.

I truly believe in the program with all my heart. I know it works and what it offers for each individual. It is personalized and tailored to each person as needed. This program is meant to help you tap deep into the shadow part of you that you might be hesitant to visit and confront or to simply release. Sometimes we get comfortable living with our burdens and because we have lived with those burdens for so long we end up forgetting who we are without them or before they even took over our lives. In other words, we forgot who we are! That is how my personal healing journey began.

I didn’t realize how much baggage I was carrying until I was a stay at home mom juggling my kids, husband, a business and household. I gained weight, felt super tired, didn’t feel like I was personally improving as a person and decided I needed to change so I decided to go on a journey of self healing. I started with eating healthier foods and learning about what was good for my body and what was not. Then as my body changed and I lost the weight I started to read self help books and one book in particular shifted everything for me. The book was “Many Masters, Many Lives” by Dr. Brian Weiss. That book took me into a journey of self discovery and I got very interested in hypnotherapy which led me to go to hypnotherapy school to get my certification. During the practicals at school we had to practice on each other and that was the start of what I call “my deep shadow work”. I realized during that moment that I forgot who I was and lost myself in the everyday life. After doing several hypnotherapy sessions and several breathwork sessions that made me tap into inner child work, shadow work, emotional blockages, and so much more the baggage started to feel lighter and the incredible awareness of who I really am just grew. I started to feel very empowered and embracing my true self. I now had clarity of who I was and my purpose. I started to work on myself in so many levels and learning about this new person I didn’t know I was. This person that was a strong and loving mom, a great supportive wife, a boss lady entrepreneur and a woman of true love and strength. I learned tools that would help me create balance and create moments of self-care. It helped me tap into my inner wisdom and be able to handle challenges a lot smoother when they came into my life. It was a complete life changing experience for me and I am still growing. I learned that growing will take place until I die because we are always evolving and learning new things about our incredible minds, bodies, and souls. It’s truly fascinating and to be honest it excites me now!! I am no longer fearful, but instead curious where the journey takes me everyday!

This program does exactly that for my clients! This is why I am so excited to offer it to all the individuals that are ready to step in and transform!!!

So if you are someone that is sick and tired of being stuck and this resonates with you deeply then take the leap and let’s take the journey!! I am very honored to be your guide and help facilitate this new path of growth and reveal the true aspect of YOU!

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Transformation Program
Transformation Program

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