Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

A great population of people in the US have a weight gain issue they struggle with in their lives.  Weight gain is widely known to cause physical issues in the body as well as emotional issues.  Some people have tried surgery, a variety of diets, medication, and variations of exercise programs.  People usually come to me for weight loss hypnotherapy when they have exhausted all their options and need an alternative.  

First, I would like to mention that if you have exhausted all options and you are looking for an alternative then hypnotherapy is a great way to get started on a weight loss journey.  Much of the gain weight could be related to emotional issues that maybe you have suppressed from childhood, past life trauma or other events in your life.  The best way to explain it is your body holding on to emotions that create physical symptoms such as weight gain.

You might ask “How would hypnotherapy help me loose weight?”.  The best way to answer that question is to say that we will be working on the internal, emotional part of yourself.  A 10 session package is recommended for weight loss to help work through all the emotional and physical issues that come with it.  Below are some of the steps we take through this journey.

  • Hypnotic Programming (Subliminal Programming Recording in the 1st session about weight loss goal and goal date.)
  • Nutrition, body image affirmation words and future self reflection
  • Create a realistic weight loss goal and goal date (No quick fixes.  Need to be willing to do the work.)
  • Anchor and Trigger phrase exercise
  • Celebrate in the last session (Celebrate all the achievements.)
  • Balance has been achieved (mind, body and soul)

My mission is to truly empower you!  We celebrate every stage of growth and strength.  The moments of doubt, fear or disappointment are also considered and acknowledged.  The path is not always easy and its important to acknowledge every part of the path, both challenging and significant. 

At the end of your weight loss journey there is much to reflect and to be grateful!  It is not a quick miracle or easy fix but the end result provides such amazing opportunities of growth.  This journey truly brings together your mind strength, body growth and soul renewal.  The goal at the end is not only to loose weight but be a balanced human being which will allow wonderful and positive events to flow into your life!

If this service resonates with you regarding weight loss then let’s get started on a new adventure of a new YOU!  

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