What is Mirror Reflection Therapy

There are moments when a client is not under hypnosis to get to the core issue of a problem. The modality that I use in this situation is called Mirror Reflection Therapy. Mirror Reflection Therapy is exactly what is says, it’s when the client has a moment of reflection from the issue at hand and it mirrors them in that moment providing some clarity to the issue they seek to resolve. I, the Hypnotherapist, help provide guidance through the process of reflecting. The process normally goes as follows:

  1. The psychosomatic issue or symptom the client wants to resolve is mentioned and described.
  2. A time of reflection as to “Who I AM” and “What I do” is discussed.
  3. A moment of self-reflection based on past, present and future events are rationalized. (This moment can cause an emotional trigger or release)
  4. We consider and embrace the emotional release at the moment if any.
  5. Find the core issue of the emotion/feelings that come up.
  6. Work on an action plan that leads back to the “What I do”.
  7. Conclude with the client’s present and future self. (This moment we use visualization to hear, sense, feel or see the future self in a more empowered light.)
  8. Homework is provide to keep the client consistent on their new path.
  9. The client now sees their new reflection on their mirror and they now have awareness as to who they really are on their journey!

This method is truly powerful! The client is taking the moment to see themselves as if they were in the outside looking in. That is a powerful way to see where the core issue is stemming from and who they really are in a sense. Sometimes when we are so involved in our emotions and issues we fail to see the solutions and a way out. When you do Mirror Reflection then you get to see things alot clearer and you are no longer in the emotion but seeing the emotion. That allows you to see what an empowered being you really are.

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